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This 4-DVD set includes 30 chapters of Tonganoxie history told with photographs, narration, and interviews.

Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie What you are looking in the left column is the DVD cover for the project, "Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie", which was just completed.

This project began a few years ago, but due to extraneous background noise in the recording, the project was junked. After much thought the project was started again as "The History of Tonganoxie". It soon became evident that this project as a history project would be next to impossible. The various stories about the chicken being stuck in the mud made it clear to me that Traditional Tales.....would be a more realistic approach to the story of Tonganoxie.

It is recognized that the stories told here may have some variation from family to family, but a great effort was made to make these stories told here as factually accurate as possible. In gathering these stories, I relied upon several sources. Roger Shilling, Art Hancock, J. W. Evans, Charles "Tuna" Conrad, Harold Denholm and Bob Lenahan were people that I could ask about Tonganoxie.

Other sources for information about Tonganoxie came from over 14 historical interviews. These interviews began over 4 years ago. Connie Putthoff, Carol Slawson, Laurie Walters, and especially Kathy Peak interviewed over 14 different people. Generally, these interviews lasted over 2 hours. The questions about family and history were asked and the interviews were filmed and edited.

The people who provided the historical information as a DVD were as follows: "Bud" Laming, Wm Freienmuth, Roger Shilling, Art Hancock, Roy Salmon, Harold Denholm, Bob Lenahan, Pat Black, Carol Slawson, Charles Haines, Kent Quarles, J. W. Evans, Emil Wiley and June Hagenbuch, brother and sister.

Some of these interviews were audio only. Jack Hoey and Joey Brown were done in the 1980's. One of the best in that group was Margaret Gallagher, Grace Shilling and Helen Shilling's interview of Jack Hoey at the Leavenworth VA. A remarkable amount of history was gained there.

4 DVDs were used for this project with each being around 90-100 minutes. Most people do not want to watch stories for that length of time. Therefore, chapters were used. This allows you to watch a few chapters and at a later time you can watch more of the movie without always beginning at the first and scrolling to where you last watched. Just hit the correct chapter and the movie jumps to that part.

DVD 1 of 4
The Delaware Indians • Early Settlers • The Early History• Union Pacific RR• Kansas City, Wyandotte, & Northwestern RR• Other Families After Early Settlers • Businesses on south side of 400 Blk (Tonganoxie State Bank to Alice Spoor)
DVD 2 of 4
Vern Trosper & Rest of 400 Blk of 4th St • Dr. Coe & Other Physicians • Businesses 500 Blk of 4th St • Laming Garage and North Side of 500 Blk of 4th St • 600 Blk .of 4th St. + City Hall and Town Marshals
DVD 3 of 4
Library and Businesses Near Railroad • Locker and Dale Rawlings • Water Fun Lakes and Pool* Hotels• Farms, Dairies, Creameries, Franklin Plant• Black Smiths, Paving Streets Travel Related Issues • Public School
DVD 4 of 4
Friends Academy• Country Schools• Bootlegging• Churches• Cemeteries • WWI • KKK• Depression • Rationing • Ice Skating, Bobsledding, Wren Radio

Narration by Susy Ross (The Delaware Indians), Laurie Walters, and Perry Walters

On the cover is a secondary statement, "The First 100 Years". This is because the story begins in 1832 with the Delaware Indians and fades into the 1930's and stops for practical purposes with the depression, the dust bowl, rationing, and WW II.

"The Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie" is available for sale by the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society. The set contains the 4 DVD's noted above plus the jewell case. If it has to be mailed, a mailing fee will be charged.